Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape

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EBCREATE BC5000 Cuba Cigar Disposable Vape
EBCREATE BC5000 Cuba Cigar Disposable Vape
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The Lost Mary OS5000 disposable vape device has a generous 13mL e-juice capacity, a potent mesh coil, and a rechargeable 650mAh battery. Its body is designed for comfort, featuring an ergonomic grip for a great hand feel. With the recharging port cleverly situated at the top of the device and equipped with a closable flap, convenience is at your fingertips. Choose the Lost Mary OS5000 for a perfect blend of style, power, and ease, all packed in one exceptional package.

Lost Mary OS5000 Specifications:

  • Rechargeable 650mAh Battery
  • Clear Battery Status: 3-color LED Indicator
  • Up to 5000 Puffs
  • Generous 13mL E-liquid Capacity

Lost Mary OS5000 Flavors:

  • Banana Raspberry Ice
  • Berry Passionfruit Grape
  • Black Mint
  • Blue Cotton Candy
  • Blue Razz Ice 
  • Blueberry P&B Cloudd
  • Blueberry Ice
  • Blueberry Raspberry Gami
  • Blue Trio (Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate)
  • Cherry Cola
  • Cherry Peach Lemonade
  • Clear
  • Cranberry Kiwi
  • Cranberry Soda
  • Grape
  • Juicy Peach
  • Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
  • Mad Blue
  • Mary Dream
  • Miami Mint
  • Peach Mango Watermelon
  • Pineapple Mango
  • Rose Sour Plum Mint
  • Sakura Berry Peach Ice
  • Spearmint
  • Strawberry Ice
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Strawberry Mango
  • Strawberry Pina Colada
  • Strawberry Sundae
  • Watermelon
  • Watermelon Lemon
  • [FROZEN EDITION] Cherry Banana Duo Ice
  • [FROZEN EDITION] Pineapple Duo Ice
  • [FROZEN EDITION] Triple Berry Duo Ice
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Acai Berry Storm
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Berry Crush Ice
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Black Lemonade
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Black Strawnana
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Blueberry Raspberry Peach
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Green Grape Ice
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Forest Mint
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Lemon Lime
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Lemon Lime Passion Fruit
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Light Snoow Peppermint
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Mango Pomelo Dragonfruit
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Mexican Mango
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Oceania Coffee
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Raspberry Lemonade
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Strawberry Apple Blackcurrant
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Strawberry Banana
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Strawberry Guava Mint
  • [LUSTER EDITION] Strawberry Watermelon

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